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"Dr. Mike" Seelig, warmly known among his patients, combines a unique personal and professional perspective as an orthodontist, inspired by his own life-altering experience with orthodontic braces during his formative years. Originating from St. Louis, Missouri, Dr. Mike's academic pursuits took him to Nashville, where he attended Vanderbilt University for his undergraduate degree. It was there that he developed a deep affection for Middle Tennessee, a place he would eventually call home after spending nearly ten years away for further education. His own orthodontic journey, marked by a significant gap between his teeth and a lisp that once curbed his willingness to engage in school, profoundly influenced his career choice. The remarkable transformation he experienced through orthodontic care ignited his passion to provide similar transformative experiences for others.

Dr. Mike's academic journey transitioned from Vanderbilt University to the University of Louisville, where he received his dental training and Doctor of Dental Medicine degree, culminating at the University of Illinois, Chicago, where he earned his Master’s Degree in Orthodontics. It was during his time at the University of Louisville that he met Dr. Lauren, who would become his wife and partner both in life and in practice. Now with two wonderful children, Lincoln and Lennon, Dr. Mike and Dr. Lauren have made their home in Middle Tennessee, fully integrating into the fabric of their community. Beyond his orthodontic practice, Dr. Mike cherishes spending time with his family, supporting his favorite sports teams, and discovering new dining experiences, particularly those that cater to families. His transition from a youth who was self-conscious about his smile to a dedicated orthodontist demonstrates the profound impact that orthodontic care can have on an individual's life, beyond just the aesthetic enhancement of smiles.

Types of treatment


Traditionally, braces are one of the most efficient tools an orthodontist has. Made out of ceramic brackets or metal brackets that are attached to the teeth, they're then connected to one another using wires and tiny rubber bands that we call elastics. All of these elements work in harmony with one another to apply gentle pressure to your teeth, gradually moving them into the positions they need to be in while you check in regularly with our team for adjustments.

If you have complex issues with your smile that need to be corrected, braces are an excellent choice. Sometimes, braces can align your teeth and close gaps between them more quickly than other orthodontic treatments might. This may mean less total treatment time for you.

In some cases, braces may also come with a more friendly price tag than orthodontic treatment options as well, since they don't require some of the more complex technology or expensive equipment that other treatments might.

Clear aligners

Clear aligners are an incredibly popular alternative treatment method to traditional braces, both among patients and orthodontists themselves. Rather than using brackets and bands, clear aligners such as Invisalign® straighten teeth gradually using a series for clear, removable aligners.

Clear aligners are made of a comfortable, plastic material that is custom-designed to fit snugly over your teeth. To keep your teeth moving the way you want them to, you will usually need to switch your invisible trays our every 1-2 weeks to the next tray in the series. Clear aligners will only work if you follow your instructions precisely. You should be wearing your aligners for roughly 20-22 hours per day over the course of your treatment. Neglecting to wear the aligners as recommended will not only decrease the effectiveness of your treatment, it will also make your treatment take longer.

While clear aligners are great for fixing many of the most common orthodontic cases, in some complex cases, it may not be the best solution for you. Scheduling a free consultation with our team will allow us to help you determine your best path forward.

Let Your Gallatin Orthodontist Help Choose the Right Treatment for Your Smile

Collectively, our team has many years of experience in providing personalized treatment for each individual patient. When you visit our orthodontics office in Gallatin for a complimentary consultation, we will pay special attention your specific needs, as well as the shapes of your teeth, lip movement, and the shape of your face. We will use these in determining which orthodontic treatment method would best provide the beautifully aligned smile that you deserve.

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