An Exciting New Spin on Braces!

Shine Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics is proud to present Wildsmiles! Want to supercharge your kids’ smiles? WildSmiles has the only brackets that promote better oral hygiene during braces treatment.

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Welcome to WildSmiles

WildSmiles does a few things to set itself apart from traditional metal braces while still providing the same powerful corrective care.

First off, your child gets to choose their brackets from 25 custom designs!

Design Your Smile

Braces should be fun, and WildSmiles brings that idea right to the front of treatment. Your child gets to mix and match between 25 custom shapes for their own designer brackets. For older patients, there are even custom college brackets.

Keeping Teeth Cleaner

The custom bracket is only the first (and admittedly, the most fun) feature that sets WildSmiles apart.

Wildsmiles brackets feature a unique design where the pads extend beyond the tie-wings. This means plaque accumulates on the pad instead of on the surface of the tooth.

If you can see the shape of the designer brackets, you’re doing a great job brushing! This is a fun way for parents and kids to measure brushing habits, ensuring better oral hygiene during braces and better results after treatment.

Benefits of WildSmiles

It’s easy to see how a new kind of orthodontic care that both encourages your child to engage with their treatment as well as makes brushing easier has gotten as popular as it has. The benefits just don’t stop with WildSmiles!

Not Just for Kids

Everyone can benefit from a simpler brushing experience, and there’s no age limit on having fun. Wildsmiles is a great way for both kids and adults to be more engaged throughout the braces journey.

With their larger braces pads, Wildsmiles braces are the only designer braces that promote better brushing and improve oral hygiene!

An Expressive Treatment Option

With over 25 custom options to choose between for the shape of your child’s brackets, your child has choices. And for even more creative flair, try mixing in some colored elastics to make the unique bracket design really pop.

Wildsmiles provides the same fantastic orthodontic results as traditional braces while empowering your child to show off their personality. Kids feel more encouraged to maintain better oral hygiene when they can see the difference themselves.

If they can see their bracket shapes, they’re in great shape!

Easy Brushing

It’s simple to make sure your brushing habits are on point with WildSmiles. Just check out the custom brackets after brushing.

When not adequately brushed, plaque will build up around the bracket, making it difficult to see its designer shape. That means all you need to do for better brushing is just ask yourself or your child, “Can you see the shape?”

If you can, you’re in great shape!

Get Started

It’s as easy as 1–2–3! WildSmiles is a fun new way to enhance your smile and enjoy your braces journey.


Use the Create Your Smile feature to design your cool new smile!


 Let Dr. Mike or Dr. Lauren know how you want your custom braces!


Love your braces and new smile!


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